Frequently Asked Questions supports customers with questions regarding shipment information, shipping services, transit times, use of your own bill of lading, and contacting

How does this site work? is a completely FREE shipping service offered to businesses and individuals. Our database is designed to help simplify the shipping of freight for any user. This easy to follow two step process enables even the novice computer user move their shipment to anywhere in the United States with ease. has pre-negotiated all pricing that is displayed for the customer. By delivering the lowest possible cost on freight to the customer, you are able to concentrate on other aspects of your business and leave the shipping to us. By using for all your shipping needs, your company will obtain many benefits. Product efficiency will increase by using our tracking system to locate where your shipment is at that moment, and when it should arrive. The customer will have more control over the shipping process by choosing a carrier based on price, or transit time. Cost reduction will be seen immediately through a decrease in the overall shipping fees. will also aid in increasing the overall customer satisfaction, by lowering cost, and increased customer support.

What are the benefits?

1. Product Efficiency
2. Streamline Your Supply Chain
3. Increased Control
4. Cost Reduction
5. Customer satisfaction

What responsibilities are required of me?

The user, shipper, is responsible for all information gathered by his/her use of this LTL facilitator. The user assumes all legal responsibility for information given. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

What happens to my shipment if I submit incorrect information?

If incorrect information is found regarding your shipment, the shipper will be billed a $15.00 processing fee plus any accessorial charges by the motor carrier. This extra fee is due to the refilling of information in our computer system.

What is Freight Class, and how do I find out the class of my shipment?

The Freight Class refers to the classification set forth by the NMFC which designates different items for means of shipping purposes. The freight class for your shipment must be correct for correct pricing and to ensure that your shipment is on time. If you need assistance on classifying your shipment feel free to contact us at 1.334.799.7283

How do I schedule my shipments to be picked up on the same day?

Please understand that most motor carriers end pick-up requests at 2:30 pm. In order for your shipment to be picked up on the day that you schedule, please book your shipment before 12:00 pm in order to give the carrier appropriate time to fulfill your shipping request.

Are the transit times guaranteed?

Transit times are not inherently guaranteed. Although, follows business guidlines based on our strict data analysis with only the best and most reliable motor carriers with on time transits above 98%.

Will I be responsible for any additional fees?

If incorrect information is given by you, the user, and additional fees are required by the motor carrier, you are held legally responsible for full payment upon final receipt of billing from theFreightSource.

How do I contact theFreightSource?

If you have any questions about your user account regarding the placement of shipments, finding of carriers, or the tracking of freight, please feel free to contact us at 1.334.799.7283.

Can I use my own Bill of Lading (BOL)?

Yes, you can use your own BOL. However, a $35.00 processing charge will be added to the final cost of your shipment. This is due to updating our system with your shipment request. Using your own BOL is highly not recommended due to errors that may arise. The shipment must move Prepaid and read 3rd Party Bill To address below for the pricing to remain applicable. The use of our BOL that is provided is the recommended shipping document to be used.