Terms and Conditions

TheFreightSource.com is a free service that simplifies the shipping of freight via LTL transportation. The web site provides an instant comparison of numerous freight carriers or shipping companies. The enrolled Customer, Shipper and/or Consignee (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Customer") agree to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS which no agent or employee of the parties may alter. These TERMS AND CONDITIONS shall apply to this and all future shipments scheduled by Customer, unless and until these TERMS AND CONDITIONS are altered or amended by the Organization's issuance of new TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

The General Rules Tariffs, set forth by the carriers provided as solutions with the Organization, will take precedence in all legal proceedings and when applicable, will take precedence over the Organization's TERMS AND CONDITIONS stated herein. If not stated within the carrier's General Rules Tariff, the Organization's TERMS AND CONDITIONS as stated herein shall apply. In the case of conflict between the TERMS AND CONDITIONS contained herein and those set forth by the individual selected carrier's General Rules Tariff, the selected carrier's General Rules Tariff shall control. All Terms, including, but not limited to, all the limitations of liability, shall apply to the selected carrier and their agents and contracted carriers.

TheFreightSource.com is a freight broker and NOT a freight carrier. TheFreightSource.com is a facilitator for those customers that require shipping on a regular or periodic basis. The Organization reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse any shipment at any time.

1. Bills of Lading

All Bills of Lading are NON-NEGOTIABLE and have been prepared by the enrolled Customer or by ("The Organization") on behalf of the Customer and shall be viewed as prepared by the Customer. Any unauthorized alteration or use of Bills of Lading or tendering of shipments to any carrier other than that designated by the Organization, or the use of any Bill of Lading not authorized or issued by the Organization shall VOID the Organization's obligations to make any payments relating to this shipment and VOID all rate quotes.

2. Necessary Documentation

The Customer is required to use the Organization's system generated Bill of Lading. If the Customer does not complete all the documents required for carriage, or if the documents which they submit are not appropriate or contain incorrect information for the services, pick up or destination requested, the Customer hereby instructs the Organization, where permitted by law, to complete, correct or replace the documents for them at the expense of the Customer. However, the Organization is not obligated to do so.

3. Payment

All charges are payable in U.S Dollars and are due at the time the shipment is booked.TheFreightSource.com accepts all major Credit cards as acceptable payment methods. Customers that may require billing to pay their bill are first subject to credit approval. The organization intends to perform a credit check based on the information that is provided by the Customer at the time this arrangement is made. Any charges and adjustments will be automatically debited to the Customer’s credit card or bank account.

The Customer shall be liable for all charges referring to the shipment, including but not limited to transportation, fuel and other applicable accessorial charges, including all adjustments issued by the carrier. The organization reserves the right to amend or adjust the original quoted amount if the original quoted amount was based upon incorrect information provided at the time of the original quote or if additional services by the carrier were required to perform the pick up, transportation and delivery functions.

4. Claims and Limitations of Liability

TheFreightSource.com is not liable for any loss, damage, or miss-delivery caused by the carrier, or the acts of the customer. If a claim arises between the customer and the carrier, theFreightSource.com will assist in the resolution of the specific claim through mediation. It will ultimately be responsibility of the party that damaged or lost the freight to pay for any claim at hand.

All claims in reference to product damage must be brought forth within six months of the delivery date. Any claims made after this period must be directed to the carrier responsible for the shipment of the product.

5. Rates

LTL rates are based on the freight class as determined by the NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) and are weight based. Pricing will also be determined by the origin and destination zip codes, along with all accessorial charges that may apply. All displayed transit times are estimates only and do not include day of pickup. LTL pickup dates are not guaranteed.